NHL GameCenter – Free!

The NHL is once again offering a one-day only free preview of their NHL GameCenter package. For $19.95/mo or $159 for the whole season you can watch every NHL game, several at once, and they even have classic games and an archive of past games that you can peruse. It’s […]

An Open Letter to One Bills Drive 3

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to you today on behalf of Bills fans everywhere. I feel both compelled and qualified to speak as a representative of this great collection of people scattered across the globe. First I am compelled by great frustration with what has now seemingly […]

2010 NFL Season Begins!

The NFL Football season “officially” begins tonight (8/8 @ 8 ET) with the Hall of Fame game in Canton, OH. The Cincinnati Bengals play the Dallas Cowboys, and even though it’s pre-season football, we can’t wait to watch it here in the Campbell household! It will be fun to see […]

The NFL Network Comes to Hulu!

Following up on yesterday’s recommended Hulu show … they announced today that there is a slew of NFL content now available on their site. They even have their own channel there! This is great news, and I hope to see more. Perhaps next season NFL GameDay will be there as […]

NFL Realignment? 1

This past week, the boys and I discovered a feature in Madden 08 that allows me to see my proposed divisional alignment for the NFL in “action”. Using the “Franchise” feature, you can actually realign the divisions however you want to. I saw my golden opportunity to watch an NFL […]

Buffalo Bills Football is Almost Here!!

Serious, folks. It’s almost here. This Saturday, the Bills will begin their training camp practices, and two weeks from Sunday they will play their first pre-season game!! (We’re excited!) They made the surprising move of retaining the popular-with-the-players, but mildly unsuccessful head coach Dick Jauron, but then followed that up […]