Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team : Defense It’s time to pick your all-time defense for the Buffalo Bills. Voting is now open for defensive players (and head coach, too) at the Bills website. Above are my selections for the team. I tried hard to not just pick guys from the 90s Super Bowl teams. I think […]

Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team 2 Perhaps you have already heard that is accepting your nominations for the greatest Buffalo Bills players of all time. Position by position. You name your players for the 50th anniversary of the Buffalo Bills. Above are my picks for the offense. Some tough choices actually. (Notice that not […]

Jason Peters: Did You Expect Anything Else?

As I’m sure you’ve heard, and according to, Jason Peters will skip the Pro Bowl again. This year no official reason has been given for his absence: At this point no official reason has been given for his inability to participate although Peters did miss the last two games […]

We Have A Winner! 2

Along with the Buffalo Bills first win comes a greatly anticipated secondary win — Greg gets his chicken wings!!! That’s right! Buffalo avoids going 0-5 (though Dave was dangerously close in his prediction!!) and Greg will be getting a bucket of medium wings from Duffs! Also, the PUNT Foundation will […]

Article: Break Up The Parity 1

There is a football site that has us (the Buffalo Bills Review) on their mailing list. They have some interesting articles over there, including one I read today regarding “parity” in the NFL. The word is used a lot, and according to, inaccurately. They have some interesting stats to […]