NFL Realignment? 1

This past week, the boys and I discovered a feature in Madden 08 that allows me to see my proposed divisional alignment for the NFL in “action”. Using the “Franchise” feature, you can actually realign the divisions however you want to. I saw my golden opportunity to watch an NFL […]

Various Things 3

Kirsten joined us for reading the Bible today (usually it’s just Dad & the boys…) and in today’s story, Jesus was going to have dinner with one of the Pharisee’s named Simon. Well, we had just been talking about how we’d like to go to Wendy’s for dinner, so I […] Post

For those of you who may find an article about the Bills and/or Sabres interesting, or worth the read… I finally posted something to my blog for the first time since the Bills’ season ended! 🙂 It’s called Are The Bills Following in the Sabres’ Footsteps? … and… well… […]