A Visit to the 2013 Buffalo Bills Training Camp

For a decade now, in what is certainly an annual tradition for the Campbell family, we welcome each new Buffalo Bills season by attending the first (and several more) training camp practices. The practices are held at St. John Fisher College (our old stomping grounds … Ian was practically born […]

All Quiet on the Western (NY) Front 1

The ice has been silent for a couple months now. The offseason football personnel moves have been made, and practices have come and gone. The end of June brings near complete silence in the two worlds of professional sports in Buffalo, NY. In the 24/7/365 sports world that America seems […]

Are Buffalo Sports Eternally Doomed?

The Buffalo Sabres got their first win in five tries last night. It came by way of a(nother) great performance by goalie Ryan Miller. They have seven wins in this lockout-shortened season. Strangely, they are currently the worst team in the Eastern Conference, and yet they are only four points […]

Buffalo Bills: Upheaval… Partly. 2

Today is Football Day in America. Actually, around most of the entire globe. People everywhere are excited about “The Big Game” played on this first Sunday of February. The best two teams in the NFL—perhaps the greatest sports league in the world—clash in a winner-takes-all contest for ultimate supremacy! But […]

The State of the Buffalo Bills

It’s ugly. No way to sugarcoat that. It’s just ugly. BUT, as with all things, there’s always hope. First, though, here’s what’s wrong. Loser Mentality There is still a feeling among Bills fans—and apparently among the players, too—that the Buffalo Bills are supposed to lose. In the past, that may […]

Things Are Looking Rosy for the Buffalo Bills in 2012! (Really… they are!)

Yes, fans, football season is upon us! Tonight the Bills will take the field for the first of four “warm up” games. This evening they play the Washington Redskins at home. (That means that we get to watch it one day later, since we will not be at the game!) […]

It’s An Interesting Time To Be A Buffalo Sports Fan

If you follow sports, you know that Buffalo is more often the butt of a joke rather than a real “player” in whichever sport is being discussed. Whether that’s deserved, or not, that’s usually how it goes. They do bring it on themselves. Neither the Buffalo Bills, nor the Buffalo […]

Lessons in Futility (from the Buffalo Bills) 1

We all know the numbers. 10 years with no playoffs. 4 games with no wins. 1 starting quarterback benched after two weeks, then just dumped on the street after three weeks. And of course, the biggest number of all is, 50 years, 0 Lombardi trophies*. There are only 8 teams […]