Bills “For Real” or Just One Point Better Than the Raiders? 2

The question that seems to come up following yesterday’s exciting one-point, come-from-behind victory over the visiting Oakland Raiders seems to be, “Are the Bills for real, or did they just barely beat a really bad team?” I can see both sides of this. On the one hand, the Bills were […]

Could This Be Jauron’s Second Winning Season?

Dave sent around an email to his BBR cohorts this past weekend upon returning from his vacation, and catching the Bills game on “tape” delay. To my genuine surprise, it was super positive! He even said if Peters comes back that the Bills are a playoff team! Could it have […]

Highlights From the 2007 Buffalo Bills Season

The 2007 Buffalo Bills season might very well be remembered for the many shortcomings and failures that seem to be plaguing the organization in the first decade of the two thousands. Whether it’s the laundry list of injuries – seventeen players on injured reserve by the end of the season? […]

Thoughts From Week Seven: QBs, Willis, Toronto 1

I have been meaning to write many articles this week. A thorough recap of the game this past Sunday against Baltimore, highlighting some of the pretty amazing things I see in our rookie quarterback, Trent Edwards. Another article breaking down the stats on how the Bills truly did shut down […]